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It’s an exciting time to be a 76<sup>®</sup> driver.

It’s an exciting time to be a 76® driver.

Because our new Station Finder allows you to filter 76 stations for car washes, convenience stores, promotions and more.Station Finder Pois
Fuel Fact #214

Fuel Fact #214

Fuel deposits can absorb fuel and decrease mileage efficiency. 76 gas helps remove deposits in just 5 tanks.

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Get your engine<br> road trip ready

Get your engine
road trip ready

76® TOP TIER® gas helps clean your engine in five tanks, saving you money along the way.

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Save on fuel.
Save on fuel.

And enjoy that new card smell.

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Dirty car owners<br /><span>rejoice.</span>

Dirty car owners

Find the nearest
76 station with a car wash.

Take our app for a spin.

Take our app for a spin.

You've got opinions. <strong style='color: #f16639; font-weight: normal;'>We've got rewards.</strong>

You've got opinions. We've got rewards.

Visited a station lately?
Take a quick survey about your recent purchase at and you could win free gas!

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See what fuels us.

See what fuels us.

Learn more about 76.

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Get your KickBack®
card at 76®.

Improve your rewards per gallon.