Play TANK5. Fill up with 8+ gallons at a participating station, take your receipt inside and get a game card. 1 in 5 plays wins instantly. Even if you don’t win, you still drive away with a cleaner engine after just 5 tanks of our TOP TIER® gas.

See official rules for complete details and no purchase mail-in game card request. While supplies last. Ends 8/31/15.

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Calling all Sounders FC fans. And soccer fans. Stop by your local participating 76® stations and swipe your Kickback® card for a chance to win 2 free tickets to a Sounders FC home match.

See official rules for details. While supplies last. Valid through 9/15/15.

Visit a participating 76® station and fill up with 8 or more gallons of gas to receive a voucher. Mail us that voucher, with your receipt, to receive one of two limited-edition Dodger pins. No, this is not a drill. While supplies last.

See official rules for details. While supplies last. Valid 7/1/15-10/2/15. © 2015 Phillips 66 Company. All rights reserved.

Driving doesn’t have to be all about the destination. Sometimes what you need is a Longcut. It’s a detour from your typical routine that lets you experience all that the road has to offer. Because there’s a lot to see out there, and you’re not going to see it all by repeating the exact same commute day after day. A shortcut _will get you from A to B, but a Longcut will show you everything in between. Fill up with Top Tier® gas and take your Longcut.

Fill up with 8 gallons or more at participating 76® stations to receive a voucher for two free general admission Thorns tickets and a chance to win $7600.

See official rules for details. While supplies last. Valid 4/4/15 – 10/25/15.

Ah, the life of a driver. It moves pretty fast. That’s why 76 developed My 76, a simple app that allows you to locate the nearest station and mark your favorites. What’s more, you can keep track of your KickBack Points and take advantage of promotions, all in one place. Just another way we’re here for you so you can conquer every road you plan on driving down – and even the ones you don’t.

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We’re on the driver’s side. Professionally.

76® isn’t regular gas, it’s TOP TIER® gas. That means it can actually clean your engine in five tanks. But rather than take our word for it, listen to the professionals. Or in this case, professional. In this video, he’ll professionally tell you why 76 TOP TIER gas is made for drivers like you, to keep your car running smoothly. He’s a professional.

Get buy one get one free Dodger tickets.

Being on the driver's side means doing whatever it takes to make driving more enjoyable. We think that paying less for gas is one way of doing just that. With the new 76 Personal Credit Card, drivers can enjoy all sorts of 76 gas rewards designed specifically with their enjoyment in mind.

Perfect for kids with parent who have ears.

Meet the 76 Honk SuppressorTM. Designed to help wean beeping honkers off of their beeping honking.

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