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Fill up on
76® Renewable Diesel at these California stations.

76® Renewable Diesel Offer

Fill up with 76® Renewable Diesel using the Fuel Forward App and save 30¢* per gallon on every fill-up. Offer ends 12/31/23.

*30¢ is a combined savings of 5¢ everyday off per gallon and an extra 25¢ off per gallon when you purchase Renewable Diesel through the Fuel Forward App (limit 30 gallons). Offer valid through 12/31/2023. Participating locations only in California. Can be combined with other offers. 5¢ everyday savings offer can only be applied once per transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Renewables are made from renewable resources –used cooking oils, fats, greases, vegetable oils, grains and sugars –that can be replenished in a short time period. Examples include ethanol, biodiesel and renewable diesel. Wind and solar are also examples of renewable energy.

76® Renewable Diesel is diesel fuel that is made from 100% renewable sources (vegetable oils and fats) that undergo chemical processing to make renewable diesel fuel. Fully compatible with all diesel engines, drivers can seamlessly switch between CARB diesel and renewable diesel without any engine modifications.

76® Renewable Diesel is not just renewable fuel, it’s better fuel. It provides real improvements over both conventional diesel and biodiesel.

Lower carbon footprint – Since it’s made from a variety of low carbon intensity renewable feedstocks, renewable diesel has a lower carbon footprint than conventional diesel fuels, and it meets the Low Carbon Fuel Standard established by the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

More efficient engine. With a significantly higher cetane than CARB diesel or Biodiesel. 76® Renewable Diesel is a premium diesel that allows engines to burn the fuel better than regular diesel, improving performance.

Quicker start, quieter running – The higher cetane also leads to enhanced engine combustion for a better burning fuel. This means a smoother-running, quieter engine, as well as a rapid cold start for better cold-weather performance.

High performance – Renewable diesel is an engineered molecule with a controlled size and properties, which means an engine is getting a fuel it can burn completely, generating more power per cycle.

Yes, it satisfies the operability requirements of today’s diesel engines. As a 100% hydrocarbon fuel, it is chemically very similar to petroleum-based diesel and can be used in vehicles without modification to the engine or its fuel system. You can use 100% renewable diesel or a blend of renewable diesel with petroleum-based diesel.

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