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Frequently Asked Questions    

What is 76® E85?

76® E85, also called flex fuel, is a blend of ethanol and gasoline designed for use only in flex-fuel vehicles. Ethanol is made from renewable resources, generally derived from crops like corn and sugar cane. For any flex-fuel vehicle, this product can be considered a “drop in” fuel (no engine modifications necessary).

Why 76® E85?

76® E85 fuel provides a reduction in some tailpipe emissions*. For some flex-fuel vehicles, users may notice improvement in engine performance and power compared to gasoline.

*Compared to gasoline:

Is 76® E85 safe for my engine?

Check your gas cap, fuel door, or owner’s manual. Many flex-fuel vehicles have a distinct yellow gas cap, a sticker inside the fuel door, or a badge on the exterior that says FFV or Flex Fuel. 76® E85 is only intended for use in vehicles identified by the manufacturer as a flex-fuel vehicle.

You can also learn more here:

Higher Octane

76® E85 has a higher-octane rating than premium gasoline. Higher octane allows for better engine performance and a smoother running engine.

What is the percentage of ethanol in 76® E85?

Ethanol accounts for at least 80% of the final product.

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